Copy and paste


Hello! It’s nearly holiday time and I have only one more essay to do and I know what you're all thinking ... She’s gonna buy another essay - right? Wrong! I’m done with that. I dunno I felt a bit ... well it's not like there was anything wrong with it ... it's just ... it was really expensive! Anyways I have a better idea, I found this book on the reading list and it's like the Bible for our course it’s got everything I need in it.

And, the good news is that it's all available online! So watch this ...

And I quote … "Make-up is usually an essential aspect of most stage performances, merely standing on stage in the bright light has a drastic effect on the human face and if that face is to express something to an audience it will require highlights and definition." Right. So that sounds good, so I'’ll just copy and paste it into my own essay.

Copy ... and paste ..

Okay now it has to be my own work so I'll just change the words a bit and keep the sense of it. So ...

"Make-up ... is, without a doubt, a very ... important aspect of stage performances ... full stop ... when standing on stage ... the bright lights can have an ... what's another word for drastic? Can have er ... can have an extreme ... can have an extreme effect on the human ... face. Full stop. It is, therefore, important to ... important to emphasise ... emphasise and define an actors features. This will ensure that his face conveys ... something to the audience. To the members of the audience ... to the members of the audience ... members of the audience full stop." Right, so now I don't have to reference it.

I mean this is what researchers do all the time, they find sombody else's work and then repackage it for their use. What's important is my ability to find information and use it correctly, right?.

Is Steph's paraphrasing Plagiarism?