Online rescue


Guess who's at the top of our class last week ... you bet ... and how did I do it? With my little friend who gets me online. You know, I think I've got the hang of this now.

They're always encouraging you to use your initiative and think outside the box but - I mean - when we graduate we're not gonna be spending hours and hours reading books and researching are we? No way! We'll pay someone else to do all that for us.

So anyways, Jackie found this amazing website where you can buy an essay. How brilliant is that! Well pretty brilliant according to Greg - he loved my assignment and he said he can't wait to read the next one ... which is kind of a pain 'cos they're not really that cheap.

Well ... mm ... I can't write like that can I?! Well they've got whole teams of experts, like typing away ... I couldn't do that ...

I've gotta go borrow some money.

Can Steph buy essays online?