Can we work together?


Initiative, that's the answer. Watch this.

Jackie ... hey! Yeah yeah I'm good. Ha ha I say that but have you seen the reading list ... I know! Look ... I was thinking, how about I take the first three and then you can do Stage Craft and Systems of Rehearsal? ... Yeah, yeah then we can just like share it all out together. Uhumm, okay yeah get JOrdan in on it too ... okay ... okay, bye.

I am so glad that that is sorted out. You know like, I reckon that this is a setup. They deliberately give you too much work just to see what you'll do. You know test your teamwork but we're no a bunch of students out for ourselves you know, we're a team!

I reckon we'll get much better grades by doing it this way. You know, Greg, he's my tutor, he always says we should discuss our projects.

Can Steph work with her fellow students?