Steph's under pressure from too much work. After each short excerpt from her video diary, answer the multiple choice question to help Steph make a better decision.

Too much work


Hello. Actually ... it's not such a good day right. I had a meeting with my tutor and I got all my assignments and listen to this: 2000 word Shakespeare essay, 3000 word 'Theatre in Education' essay, learn lines for Shakespeare performance, design posters for the end of year production, design costumes for at least 8 characters in Macbeth and write a 1,500 word critical review on the performance that we watched last week.

Right, that's only the next two weeks, and then there's still the reading list: one ... two ... three ... and four. That's more books than I've read in my entire life, like - how do they expect us to do it? It's impossible.

What can Steph do if she feels she has too much work?