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Rate Yourself Quiz: Have you ever ...

  1. Reworded an idea from a book without clearly referencing the source?
  2. Shown your work to another student for comments before submission of your assignment?
  3. Shared the writing of an individual assignment with your fellow students and claimed you wrote it yourself?
  4. Without acknowledgement used the essence of someone else's idea and expressed it in your own words?

If you answered yes to any of these you may have plagiarised.

Paraphrasing must be referenced. (This is explained in more detailed in the section > Plagiarism: Forms of plagiarism )

Sharing your work is only permitted under very specific circumstances; for example, if your work is assessed as part of a group assignment. Even in group work it is good practice to reference what part of the submission was your work.

If it is intended that your work is individually assessed then even if you do nothing to the work as a result, the student you share it with may use your ideas.

Re-interpreting the ideas of someone else can be plagiarism,

If you are ever in any doubt as to how you should approach a project you should always ask your tutor.