Style Issues: Punctuation

Style sheets rarely give advice on this, leading to wide variations in which the style is used, particularly with regard to stops after abbreviations like initials and 'ed.' And op. cit., for example. APA gives extensive rules on this as on many other aspects of referencing.

However, as a general rule observe all rules of correct punctuation, which means commas between each separate item, and stops for every abbreviation. The use of brackets is variable - some styles put the date in brackets, others not; some put the abbreviation for editor, ed. or eds., in brackets, some not; some put the abbreviation for edition, 2nd ed., for example, in brackets, some not.

Whatever style of punctuation you use or are asked to use, be consistent.

Should you reach the opportunity of having your work published then do pay attention to the details of the style required for your references otherwise your work is likely to be returned to you without further consideration.