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Tab Key

By using the tab key, it is possible to access the menu links on this site without the use of a mouse. Please note: Most browser's support tabbing, but some may miss some features or work slightly differently.

Interactive pieces

  1. Some interactive sections of this site require Flash Player version 8. You will be automatically told if you don't have this when you visit a section.
    Download flash player free at
  2. To magnify any part of a Flash interaction, click the right mouse button whilst on the interaction and select 'zoom' from the menu, (see image below).
    flash menu showing a 'zoom' option
Using the keyboard:
  1. the tab key can be used to move through items, ('shift' + 'Tab' moves to the previous button)
  2. Or - you can use specific key controls [shown in square brackets] or a letter is underlined.
  3. If a button has a yellow rectangle around it then you can press the 'return' key to activate it (see image below). Moving the mouse will remove such a highlight.
    a highlighted button in a Flash interaction